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Sunset at Nye Beach, Oregon by Michelle Klement.

The VoxVolo Crowdfunding Campaign Ends

December 1, 2015

It has been a wild ride. After 60 days and over 600 visitors from 56 countries around the world, our VoxVolo crowdfunding campaign has come to an end. Sadly we are short of our goal. However, there is lots for which to be thankful:

First, for all those who crossed the threshold from casual interest to campaign contributor: on behalf of the entire VoxVolo team, you have my heartfelt thanks for having the faith of your convictions and a willingness to part with your hard-earned cash for a cause in which you clearly believe. We were all deeply touched by this show of confidence in our ability to deliver on VoxVolo's promise. As a Fixed Funding campaign that did not meet its financial goal, all funds raised over the course of the campaign will be returned to you shortly.

For those who contributed in other ways -- developing code, tweets, 'likes' and 'follows' -- you also have our sincere thanks and abiding appreciation. These were extremely valuable contributions that made a significant impact on the campaign.

Thanks also to all of our supporters around the world who visited and engaged with us. Your words of encouragement make us absolutely sure there is fundamental interest in VoxVolo both in the case of mature, established democracies to countries in the world where true democracy is still a seemingly distant dream. We are heartened by this grassroots show of support and it fuels our enthusiasm for the next exciting phase of our work.

We have learned a lot and we will be following up in the coming days with some of that. We have (with apologies to Lucille Ball) absolutely no regrets for having tried, and certainly would have had a ton of them if we hadn't.

Finally, to all, stay tuned. While we did not achieve the success for which we hoped this time around we are already thinking about our way forward and we have exciting plans we will roll out soon.

We'll be back!

Illustration Credit: Sunset on Nye Beach, Oregon by Michelle Klement.


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Terence C. Gannon is Founder and President of VoxVolo.  Born in Montreal, raised in Vancouver and a resident of Calgary for the last 28 years, Mr. Gannon is a self-described political junkie.  For the past 36 years, he has been an information technology professional, the last 27 of those in the Calgary oil & gas industry.  Finally realizing he wasn't getting any younger, Mr. Gannon decided it was time to indulge his passion for better government, of which VoxVolo is the result.


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VoxVolo is about making elected governments work better. Unlike others, we do not think democracy is profoundly broken. It simply has not scaled up well for the number of voters it now serves and in how it addresses the complex issues of the modern world.